Bunions & Diabetes

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Bunions & Diabetes

Chronically high blood sugar (glucose) levels can be associated with serious complications in people who have diabetes. The feet are especially at risk.

Dr. Michele Summers Colon known as ‘The Holistic Podiatrist’ discusses two common foot issues for people with diabetes, on April’s Diabetes Late Nite podcast.

A bunion is a common condition that involves an abnormal, bony bump at the base of the big toe, causing the joint to swell outward and become painful. The big toe may also turn inward toward the second toe as a result of the enlarged joint, which can then lead to difficulty walking, ingrown toenails and corns and calluses.

Although bunions are not usually a serious condition, they can be painful and embarrassing. If left untreated, they will usually grow larger and more painful over time. It is important to seek medical attention and discuss treatment options with your doctor.

Dr. Michele says, “bunions and hammertoes are genetic. Certain shoes can make the problem worse if you already have them but shoes won’t cause them.”

Bunions can form when there is an improper balance of forces exerted on the joints of the foot, causing instability in the joint of the big toe.

Surgery is only thing that will put the toes back in place.

Some people have a bunion but they don’t have a pain at all and they don’t need surgery,” says Dr. Michele. She adds, “You have to think about your pain level, are you getting pressure points and/or can you even wear shoes. When you answer those questions you can determine if you need surgery.”

Several diabetes foot-related problems can be prevented by taking careful steps to observe and care for your feet. Keeping tight management of your  blood sugar levels (in the ranges advised by your doctor), and following your recommended diet and exercise program are the best way to prevent all complications of diabetes, including foot problems.

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