‘From Broadway to the Beach!’ on August’s Diabetes Late Nite

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‘From Broadway to the Beach!’ on August’s Diabetes Late Nite

Everything’s Coming Up Roses! on August’s Diabetes Late Nite podcast when we feature music from the original Broadway cast of ‘Gypsy’ scheduled for Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 6 PM, EST.

Gypsy is musical that loosely tells the story of burlesque stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, but the story focuses on her star struck, verging on maniacal, mother Rose Hovick who was bound and determined to make vaudeville stars out of her children

The list of dynamic divas who have played the infamous stage mother, Mama Rose, in Gypsy include Ethel Merman, Angela Lansbury, Tyne Daly,  Bernadette Peters, Patti Lupone, Rosalind Russell and Bette Midler.

The way each of these amazing Broadway legend tackled the role of ‘Mama Rose’ is comparable to how people manage their diabetes because everyone’s self-care management is unique and different with subtle nuances based on one’s own life and lifestyle. And that’s perfectly acceptable!

“Each Rose blooms differently and produces unique petals, fragrances and thorns, just as Mama Rose has been given a wide-range of complex performances and distinct interpretations, “ wrote Mark Robinson, a theatre, television, and film historian, for Playbill.

Diabetes management is personal too. Let Ethel, Bernadette, Patti or Bette inspire you to not let diabetes dim your dazzle! To truly succeed you have to make it yours! Know what makes your blood sugar level rise and fall – and talk to your doctor about how you can manage these day-to-day factors in your life.

We’re also heading the beach on August’s Diabetes Late to discuss Summertime Diabetes Management, the Best in Swimsuit Cover ups, Body Image Issues, Health Hazards of Eating Contests like Nathan’s Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, Healthy Desserts and how a Broadway Diva manages her type 1 diabetes eight shows week.

The August heat is tough enough for the average person, but for the estimated 21 million Americans with diabetes, special precautions may be required. Joslin Clinic offer the following tips for people with diabetes during these steamy summer days:

  • Keep hydrated. Dehydration, or the loss of body fluids, can happen on these very hot summer days whether you have diabetes or not. If you have diabetes, dehydration also can occur when blood glucose is not under control. When blood glucose is elevated, this can lead to an increase in the body’s excretion of urine. To prevent dehydration drink plenty of caffeine-free fluids such as water, seltzer or sugar-free iced tea and lemonade. Limit your intake of alcohol.
  • Watch for signs of heat exhaustion, especially if you are working or exercising outdoors. People with diabetes and other chronic diseases like heart disease are more susceptible to overheating. Symptoms include: feeling dizzy or fainting; sweating excessively; muscle cramps; skin that is cold or clammy; headaches; rapid heartbeat and/or nausea. If you experience any of these symptoms, move to a cooler environment, drink fluids like water, juice or sports drinks (based on your healthcare provider’s instructions) and seek medical attention. MORE TIPS

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Plus, we’re going behind the scenes on our newest Mr. Diabetic Mystery podcast. ‘Gypsies, Tramps & Peas’ with music from the Original Broadway cast of ‘Gypsy’ courtesy of SONY Music.

Diabetes advocate turned reluctant amateur sleuth, Mr. Divabetic finally takes the plunge and ventures into a new career as a healthy caterer. With the help of his co-workers and nosy Italian mother, he heads for Coney Island to cater his first party aboard a yacht for his former swim coach, Ted Rockow. But his nautical soiree quickly capsizes when the guest of honor is found swimming with the fishes. What it an accident or foul play? Now Mr. Divabetic’s grilling Burlesque dancers, a lifeguard lothario and some sequined mermaids, all intent on keeping their secrets buried deep within the sand. Can Mr. Divabetic prove Coach’s death was a murder, not an accident? Or will he end up floating out to sea?

Will he sink or swim?

Our annual diabetes mystery podcast hopes to encourage you to become a Diabetes Detective. Look for clues, search for patterns, investigate the reasons behind your blood sugar high’s and low’s and report to the authorities (your healthcare team) about medical information found on the internet.

August’s Diabetes Late Nite guests include Best-Selling AuthorTonya Kappes, Broadway Star Soara-Joye Ross,  Poet Lorraine Brooks, Image & Style Advisor Catherine Schuller AICI, CIP, We Are Diabetes organization founder, Asha Brown, Chef Robert Lewis aka ‘The Happy Diabetic’, Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE, MaryAnn Nicolay BA, DTR and Mama Rose Marie. TUNE IN: August’s Diabetes Late Nite podcast inspired by Gypsy schedule for Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 6 PM, EST.

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