Amazing Socks Can Detect Foot Injuries Early to Avoid Ulcers

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Amazing Socks Can Detect Foot Injuries Early to Avoid Ulcers

Siren Care, located in San Francisco, has created digital Smart Socks to help with early detection of diabetic foot ulcers.

Smart Socks are made with smart textiles that can detect changes in temperature in different areas of the foot that could indicate that a potential problem.

Skin inflammation is accompanied by temperature rise and potentially is a life-threatening foot ulcer. Siren Smart Socks monitor foot temperature to catch injuries early before they turn into an ulcer.

The makers embed electronics directly inside of yarn to create smart textiles that are flexible, washable, and seamless; and, importantly, can be produced on standard weaving machines. By incorporating an integrated human touch sensor into the socks, they can know when you put them on. They turn themselves on and then search for your phone to begin monitoring your feet via the Siren app. When an injury occurs, the body mounts an inflammatory response that generates heat. By scanning the feet for hot or warm spots, injuries can be detected early in people with neuropathy who are unable to feel pain.

The Siren Smart Socks have undergone informal clinical testing at University of California, San Francisco, and the company is in the process of conducting a small, 30-patient trial right now.

Siren Smart Socks will be shipped starting in mid-2017! They are available for pre-order at

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