Treat all infections promptly. Infections, dysentery, localized infections (tonsils, teeth, gallbladder) can worsen diabetes because of the increased burden they place on the body. Localized infections must be cleared and chronic constipation overcome by means of healthy nutrition. Teeth should be brushed after every meal. Gums require massage. Skin must be cared for, dry-brushed and washed with alternately hot and cold water. Extreme cleanliness and foot care are important. All wounds should be disinfected and bandaged immediately. Lungs, eyes and teeth should be examined yearly.

Get regular exercise but don’t overdo it. Exercise and breathing are important. They increase the “fire” of the metabolic process and lower the elimination of sugar in the urine. Sugar can then be better utilized. Insulin production increases because the circulation in the abdominal organs is activated. Daily outdoor activity is essential, including exercises, walking and deep breathing. Diabetics should go to bed early and get up early. Avoid fatigue!