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Divabetic Club Philadelphia

In Decembber, the Divabetic Club in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection hosts our 'Favorite Things' meeting. Register: 1-800-JEFF-NOW

Weekly Wow

Be An INSTANT WINNER E-mail answer: mrdivabetic@gmail.com to enter our random drawing for a mysugr giveaway on December's Diabetes Late Nite podcast

Let the Music Play

December's featured music artist is Leona Lewis and the playlist, courtesy of Sony Music, is from her 'Christmas, with Love' album.

D-Verses & Flow

I’m innocently watching a bit of TV, to relax, with a hot cup of joe.
I put my feet up, on the chair next to me, and got ready to enjoy the show.

I breathed in and out, in a sigh of relief, as the day is beginning to end.
A moment of silence, however brief, in this moment, feels like a friend.

But just as I start to unwind and get quiet, I feel my jaw start to get tight.
A million commercials that tell me to diet, that what I look like isn’t right.

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I Gotta Be OK22/10/2016
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