Diabetes Late Nite inspired by Pink

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Diabetes Late Nite inspired by Pink

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We’re taking about ‘MINDFULNESS’ with musical inspiration from Pink.

Mindfulness is a technique adopted to becoming aware of moment-by-moment thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in a non-judgmental way. … In the US, mindfulness is being increasingly used for eating habits and diabetes management. Research has shown that mindfulness enhances clinical effect of glycemic control.

Mindfulness can help break down the constant cycle of becoming stressed, anxious and depressed. Pressures and strains of everyday diabetes life cause an internal battle of avoidance.

People strive to avoid ‘negative emotions’ such as guilt, sadness, frustration and anger and instead are attracted to feelings of happiness and contentment.

Mindfulness allows you to accept the way you are feeling rather than constantly battling to try and change it.

Guests include Chilbrook Kennels Breeder Author, Diabetes Alert Dog and Scent Detection Expert, Debby Kay, ‘Walking with Peety’ Author Eric O’Grey, Poet Lorraine Brooks, ‘Yoga for Diabetes’ Author, Rachel Zinman,  the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach featuring Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE and America’s #1 Energy Conductor, High Voltage. 

Throughout the podcast we will be featuring songs from the Pink’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’ album courtesy of SONY Music.

Beautiful Trauma is the seventh studio album by American singer Pink. She is nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance for her song, ‘What About Us’ at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

Diabetes Late Nite is a fast-paced, full-filled hour and half of diabetes education, wellness advice, poetry, games and music that encourages listeners to “laugh a little, learn a lot.”

Enjoy a  glamorize good health and diabetes education, mostly for women living with or impacted by diabetes. There are 150+ Divabetic podcasts online, and it’s fun to hear the mix of music, pop culture and D-topics being discussed each time.