‘Disconnect’ by Poet Lorraine Brooks

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‘Disconnect’ by Poet Lorraine Brooks

Connected, injected, collected, in touch,
Devices are sometimes a need or a crutch.
If I find myself in the mall with no phone,
I suddenly feel afraid and alone.

With all this technology right in our hands
It increases pressure and makes more demands.
I’m beeping, and buzzing, and vibrating too,
They tell me the traffic and tell me what’s new.

Weather, and movies, and amber alerts,
Baseball and football and music concerts.
I have the world in my pocket at will,
But often I feel that I’m out of it still.

There’s hazards to all of this need to be known.
There’s risks to,our health, as studies have shown.
The false sense of intimacy when we’re online
Is making connections that aren’t genuine.

There’s many days when I just put down my screen,
And those are the times when I feel most serene.
I put up my boundaries, turn off the sounds,
And try to connect with the peace to be found.

We all need alone time, to take care of us,
Time away from the hustle and fuss.
My message is always essentially this…
Take care of YOU FIRST, And don’t be remiss.

Don’t allow,life to just fritter away,
And turn off your phones for a part of the day!

Poet Lorraine Brooks reads her poem, ‘Disconnect’ on January’s Diabetes Late Nite with music from P!NK. We’re talking about ‘Mindfulness & Diabetes’ with guests: Diabetes Alert Dog and Scent Detection Expert, Debby Kay, ‘Walking with Peety’ Author Eric O’Grey, Poet Lorraine Brooks, ‘Yoga for Diabetes’ Author, Rachel Zinman, and the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach featuring Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE. Throughout the podcast we’re spotlighting songs from P!nk’s album, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ courtesy of SONY Music.  LISTEN NOW

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