Our Twelfth Day of Blue Christmas Gift Ideas from Doris Hobbs

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Our Twelfth Day of Blue Christmas Gift Ideas from Doris Hobbs

On the twelfth day of Blue Christmas, my true friend, Doris Hobbs sent to me a T1D Exposed calendar to celebrate people living well with diabetes.

Divabetic is celebrating a Blue Christmas to bring attention to the mental health issues related to living with diabetes.

You probably know better than we do how diabetes affects your holiday experience. You might feel the weight of diabetes more at this time, because you can’t let go and celebrate like everyone else. Or maybe you do let go and then beat yourself up over it.

That’s why we asked our panel of experts, friends and past Diabetes Late Nite podcast guests to spread some holiday cheer by sharing their favorite products to help keep you ‘happy and healthy’ all year long.

Doris’ pick: The T1D Exposed Calendar features twelve powerful men and women living with type 1 diabetes who are showcasing a passion in their portrait. Type 1 diabetes is part of their lives, but is not the single story of their fascinating existence. Living with T1D changes a person’s body, and the T1D Exposed calendar features tasteful nude portraits of individuals embracing those changes and their lives with type one.

The mission of The Nude Diabetes Advocacy Project is to promote awareness, connect people living with type one diabetes (T1D), and fundraise for both local and global diabetes organizations.

“Shedding my clothes for diabetes awareness has brought me a sense of empowerment that I literally can’t express in words, says, Doris Hobbs aka ‘Miss June’.

A San Francisco based Luxury Liaison, Doris bridges the world of MEDIA with unmistakable elegance through both written Storytelling & Visual Imagery with her website, Rich In Love. This accomplished Media Expert and Fashion Doyenne breathes new life into her sought-after glamour persona & profitable branding campaigns while maintaining a voice as a Diabetes Awareness Advocate. 

“What the T1D Exposed calendar creators, Tara Layman and Kat Reed are doing is truly an artistic expression in regards to the auto-immune disease that is much needed in today’s society”

What was it like to pose nude since especially since shedding the clothes and he shame that is associated with our bodies can be difficult?

“Having never posed nude within my career as a luxury model I surprisingly wasn’t terrified; I actually had the opposite reaction. I instantly became rather invested and driven to move forward and participate,” says Doris Hobbs. “I literally didn’t want to leave the shoot as I feel so comfortable in my own skin for the first time. The emotion that overcame me when I set my eyes on the final image as “Miss June” was a glamorous moment I will forever remember.”

I love this fabulous T1D Exposed calendar! I admire the bravery and self acceptance of all 12 participants about their experience living with type 1 diabetes. There’s no shame in their game, and there shouldn’t be any in yours! Be inspired to show the world that you’re living well with diabetes. 

On December’s Diabetes Late Nite podcast we’re celebrating a Blue Christmas. I chose this theme in December because ‘Blue’ is the color that I feel is most closely associate with diabetes and more importantly, it gives us an opportunity to raise awareness for the mental health issues related to diabetes which are often overlooked and ignored. Some listeners may feel that talking about depression is depressing which is understandable. However, I feel it’s far more important to reach out to those coping with diabetes distress and burnout and let them know they are not alone.  Please join us!

TUNE IN! December’s Diabetes Late Nite podcast featuring music by Elvis Presley on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 6 PM, EST. We’re discussing ways to not let diabetes make you feel ‘blue’ during the holiday season with our panel of experts. Guests include Chilbrook Kennels Breeder Author, Diabetes Alert Dog and Scent Detection Expert, Debby Kay, Poet Lorraine Brooks, Susan Weiner MS, RDN, CDE, CDN, the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach featuring Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE, Rachel Zinman, Dr. Mandy Reece PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM, and America’s #1 Energy Conductor, High Voltage.

Throughout the podcast we will be featuring songs from the new “Christmas with Elvis and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” album courtesy of SONY Music. The album brings together Elvis Presley’s best-loved yuletide performances from “Elvis’ Christmas Album” (1957) and “Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas” (1971) re-imagined with sublime and exquisite new arrangements performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Are you feeling ‘blue’ this holiday season?

If so, you’re not alone. While it’s true that sadness and/or depression at holiday time can be a reaction to the stresses and demands of the season, people with diabetes are more likely to be depressed than others states David Spero BSN, RN for Diabetes Self-Management.

Diabetes can cause complications and health problems that may worsen symptoms of depression. Depression can lead to poor lifestyle decisions, such as unhealthy eating, less exercise, smoking and weight gain — all of which are risk factors for diabetes.

The good news is that diabetes and depression can be treated together. And effectively managing one can have a positive effect on the other.

If you think you might be depressed, seek help right away. Your doctor or diabetes educator can refer you to a mental health professional.

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