Our Sixth Day of Blue Christmas Gift Ideas from High Voltage

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Our Sixth Day of Blue Christmas Gift Ideas from High Voltage

On the sixth day of Blue Christmas, my true friend and health and wellness pioneer, High Voltage sent to me a NIKKAN PigMag Waterfall Water system for when I get thirsty.

Divabetic is celebrating a Blue Christmas to bring attention to the mental health issues related to living with diabetes.

You probably know better than we do how diabetes affects your holiday experience. You might feel the weight of diabetes more at this time, because you can’t let go and celebrate like everyone else. Or maybe you do let go and then beat yourself up over it.

That’s why we asked our panel of experts, friends and past Diabetes Late Nite podcast guests to spread some hoiday cheer by sharing their favorite products to help keep you ‘happy and healthy’ all year long.


High Voltage’s pick: NIKKAN PigMag Waterfall Water Systems provide filtered and enhanced drinking water for a fraction of what bottled water costs. Because the PiMag Waterfall works without electricity or plumbing, it can be used in any location. Some products on the market using similar filtration technology claim to be equivalent to the PiMag Waterfall but do not perform at a comparable level and fail to meet accepted filtration test standards.

People with diabetes have an increased risk of dehydration as high blood glucose levels lead to decreased hydration in the body according to Diabetes.co.uk. Diabetesinsipidus, a form of diabetes that is not linked with high blood sugar levels, also carries a higher risk ofdehydration.

Can you lower blood sugar by drinking water?

According to Diabetes.co.uk, your blood sugar is on the higher side, near 10 or over, your kidneys will try to take sugar out of your blood. Drinking water can help the body along with this. Just a word of caution. … So, in summary, if you’re not on flexible insulin, your best bet for lowering blood sugar is to take a walk and keep hydrated.

“I have used NIKKAN products for over 30 years,” says health and wellness pioneer Kathie Dolgin aka High Voltage.

If our blood glucose levels are higher than they should be for prolonged periods of time, our kidneys will attempt to remove some of the excess glucose from the blood and excrete this as urine.

Whilst the kidneys filter the blood in this way, water will also be removed from the blood and will need replenishing. This is why we tend to have increased thirst when our blood glucose levels run too high.

If we drink water, we can help to rehydrate the blood. The other method the body uses is to draw on other available sources of water from within the body, such as saliva, tears and taking stored water from cells of the body.

This is why we may experience a dry mouth and dry eyes when our blood glucose levels are high.

If we do not have access to drink water, the body will find it difficult to pass glucose out of the blood via urine and can result in further dehydration as the body seeks to find water from our body’s cells.

My good friend and mentor, Kathie Dolgin aka ‘High Voltage’ is a walking billboard for ‘happy and healthy’ at any age! She’s a health and wellness pioneer, best-selling author and TV personality, who has helped thousands of people get their energy up and their weight down. She has been featured on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CBS Morning Show, CNN, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, E! Network & More.

Did you know Dr. Weintraub‘s study shows that patients with diabetes who also have peripheral neuropathy are receiving significant benefits from using magnets?  They say that some patients, in addition to some easing of the pain and numbness that is a part of peripheral neuropathy, are also showing signs that the nerve fibers are actually regenerating.

Nikken magnetic products contain proprietary, patented innovations and make use of static (permanent) magnets, for safety and reliability. Nikken products such as the Kenko Sleep System incorporate bipole magnets to produce a pattern of magnetic flow that creates a landscape of peaks and valleys of magnetic energy considered ideal for a sleep surface. The Kenko PowerChip™ introduced DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology, with a unique system that increases field depth. The Kenko Naturest® Travel Pillow and KenkoSeat® II also feature DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology

“I use their magnet shoe insoles and I sleep in their magnet sleep system.”

High Voltage is the founder and executive director of the national nonprofit organization, Energy Up!, whose mission is to prevent childhood obesity. Energy Up! is the only health and wellness childhood obesity program built on the Energy Up! Addiction model with a published medical study. Numerous New York City private and public schools, the township of Huntington, Long Island and the Gerald J. Freidman Diabetes Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center have experienced High Voltage’s unique health and wellness programming.

Learn more about High Voltage @ www.energyup.org

It’s time to get Sugar Savvy – read about solutions for dropping those stubborn pounds, energizing your body, and feeling great about yourself. Health and wellness guru Kathie “High Voltage” Dolgin will help you retrain your brain to say no to sugar and its harmful effects, and get you on the path to “Fit, Fabulous and Fierce.

Sugar Savvy includes: • a complete 6-week plan to transform your eating and exercise habits • easy-to-assemble Power Meal Formulas plus more than 40 simple Power Meals and Snacks you can use to eat Sugar Savvy anywhere • Moving Affirmations that move your body and your spirit • inspirational stories and advice from the 17 Sugar Savvy Sisters who tried our program, every single one of whom lost weight • and much more! This one-of-a-kind plan beats obesity where it begins—in your brain. The Sugar Savvy motto: Eat whatever you want, but we will change what you want. Guaranteed!

“Very easy to follow. I typically find any other carb or sugar book so complicated. Easy read and to incorporate into your every day life without a hassle,” states an Amazon review.

“This book is a huge eye opener. I’m still reading it but it’s great so far,” states an Amazon review.

One of the most successful Sugar Savvy Sister lost over 18 pounds in 6 weeks! *

On December’s Diabetes Late Nite podcast we’re celebrating a Blue Christmas. I chose this theme in December because ‘Blue’ is the color that I most closely associate with diabetes and I feel that the mental health issues related to diabetes are often overlooked and ignored. Some listeners may feel that talking about depression is depressing  which is understandable. However, I feel it is far more important to reach out to those coping with diabetes distress and burnout  and let them know they are not alone.  Please join us! 

TUNE IN! Don’t miss December’s Diabetes Late Nite podcast featuring music by Elvis Presley on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 6 PM, EST. We will be discussing ways to not let diabetes make you feel ‘blue’ during the holiday season with our panel of experts. Guests include ‘Walking With Peety’ Author Eric O’Grey, Chilbrook Kennels Breeder Author, Diabetes Alert Dog and Scent Detection Expert, Debby Kay, Poet Lorraine Brooks, Susan Weiner MS, RDN, CDE, CDN, the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach featuring Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE and America’s #1 Energy Conductor, High Voltage. Throughout the podcast we will be featuring songs from the new “Christmas with Elvis and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” album courtesy of SONY Music. The album brings together Elvis Presley’s best-loved yuletide performances from “Elvis’ Christmas Album” (1957) and “Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas” (1971) re-imagined with sublime and exquisite new arrangements performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

NEED MORE INSPIRATION? Our panel of experts, Divabetic community members and past Diabetes Late Nite guests will be sharing more Blue Christmas Gift suggestions on this blog for the next twelve days to help you enjoy the festive spirit of the season without compromising your diabetes health!

Are you feeling ‘blue’ this holiday season?

You’re not alone.

While it’s true that sadness and/or depression at holiday time can be a reaction to the stresses and demands of the season, people with diabetes are more likely to be depressed than others states David Spero BSN, RN for Diabetes Self-Management.

Diabetes can cause complications and health problems that may worsen symptoms of depression. Depression can lead to poor lifestyle decisions, such as unhealthy eating, less exercise, smoking and weight gain — all of which are risk factors for diabetes.

The good news is that diabetes and depression can be treated together. And effectively managing one can have a positive effect on the other.

If you think you might be depressed, seek help right away. Your doctor or diabetes educator can refer you to a mental health professional.

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