How To Walk Off Your Thanksgiving Day Feast with Your Dog

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How To Walk Off Your Thanksgiving Day Feast with Your Dog

A typical Thanksgiving meal contains more than 3,000 calories and is high in fat and carbohydrates. What does it do to your diabetes self-care plan?

A feast can be challenging for people with diabetes who are trying to manage blood glucose levels and weight but with careful planning, you can make healthy choices that fit into your diabetes meal plan and enjoy this wonderful celebration with friends and family.

Make your day about togetherness and family fun, and not just about the food by adding some exercise, like taking your dog for a walk, to your Thanksgiving Day celebration.

“Physical activity is the currency with which you pay for food,” says Pamela Peeke, M.D., author of Fight Fat After 40 (Penguin USA, May 2001)

My friend and colleague, Debby Kay, who is a pioneer in scent detection work for over 40 years and a member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers offers these tips for Turkey Day walks with the dog:

  1. Keep up the pace, most people walk too slow to make the walk enjoyable for their dogs. Dogs are anxious to get out and see what’s around the next corner so keep your pace brisk, even for the little guys. No stopping along the way though, keep moving.
  2. Walk to an area where the dog can relieve themselves, stop there and give a release word(s) like “free” or “okay get busy”  When they are finish resume your walk.  Keeping the walk and potty time separate will make for an enjoyable and productive walk for you both.
  3. If you see another dog that is reactive to your dog or your dog is reactive to another dog, turn around and go in the opposite direction or cross the street.  Have treats in your pocket and distract your dog by asking him to look up at you while you are walking away, once he is looking at you and walking nicely with you THEN treat him but keep on moving.
  4. Walk with a buddy to keep it more interesting for everyone.
  5. Don’t over do the walk. 15 minutes is good for little dogs, 30 minutes is about right for medium to larger dogs.
  6. If there is ice on the walkways or salts have been put down where you are walking, put those booties on your pup’s feet to protect him from chemical burns and potential poisoning from absorbing things through their pads.

THANKSGIVING TIP:  Let your family members know they can support you and your diabetes wellness by walking around the block with you after dinner.

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Debby teaches Super Sniffer®workshops for amateur dog owners and professional trainers alike.  She has set up several non profit organizations worldwide for Diabetes Alert Dogs and her Sweet Snoopers program is now in 22 countries around the world helping people manage this disease better through the use of trained  alert dogs.

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