What’s Trending At Divabetic this Week

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What’s Trending At Divabetic this Week

Check out the latest headlines in diabetes, diabetes self-management, healthy lifestyles and diva entertainment that caught our eye this week

What’s Trending: 6 Things People With Diabetes Can Do To Have a More Supportive Partner

People with diabetes who are married to a supportive partner have a secret weapon in helping to better manage their disease reports the OnTrack Diabetes website. However, it’s also common for tension, misunderstandings—and even unintentional sabotage—get in the way of your relationship, even when your spouse wants the best for you.

“I go to a diabetes support group . . . I have a place where I can go and talk. But I am concerned he has nobody to talk to except me and he is not coming to me with his fears,” a woman with diabetes explained in a recent survey.

These strategies can help you get the support you need from your spouse, so you can work as a team to stay healthy READ MORE

What’s Trending: Mom says Daughter was Not Permitted on Water Slides due to Insulin Pump

A 12-year-old girl with type one diabetes says she was not permitted to ride the water slides at a public water park in Kettering because of the insulin pump attached to her body reports Fox 45Now.com.

12-year-old Alexis said a lifeguard told her the reason she could not ride was the insulin pump attached to her right hip.

“It was that one slide and that one lifeguard, that when I walked up there she pointed at my insulin pump and said you cannot go on the slide with that on,” Alexis said.

Alexis said the pump makes her insecure and this was the first occasion that she had worn a two-piece bathing suit and exposed it in public. READ MORE

What’s Trending: Proof that Your Life is ‘Richer’ from Growing & Eating Vegetables! (Canadian woman, finds long-lost Diamond Ring wrapped around Carrot)

After losing her engagement ring on her family farm more than a decade ago, Canadian Mary Grams resigned herself to the idea she would never see it again reports the Guardian.

That is, until the diamond ring showed up this week – 13 years after she lost it –wrapped tightly around a misshapen carrot that had been freshly plucked from the garden.

The 84-year-old said she likely lost the ring as she was pulling a large weed from her farm in central Alberta in 2004, prompting a frantic search. “We looked high and low on our hands and knees … we couldn’t find it. I thought for sure either they rototilled it or something happened to it,” she told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “I cried so many times.” READ MORE

What’s Trending: ‘Girls Trip’ Crosses $100 Million at Domestic Box Office

Universal Pictures’ “Girls Trip” has crossed the $100 million mark at the domestic box office after four weeks, to become the studio’s sixth film to reach that milestone this year reports Variety.

“Girls Trip” has also taken in $9.9 million internationally as it starts its foreign rollout. Australia and Romania will release the film on Aug. 31, with additional markets launching the film through the end of the year. READ MORE

What’s Trending: Donatella Versace ‘Lip Syncs for Her Life’ to ‘Versace On The Floor’ 

Donatella Versace was the muse to her brother – the late, great Gianni Versace – before she took over the reigns at the house. It’s great to see her having fun with her image!

With a gang of models – all dressed in Versace, of course – the Italian designer mouths the words to  Bruno Mars’ song, “Versace on the Floor”, dancing around what is presumably a room in the grand Versace mansion. Serena Williams and Bruno Mars himself were among the fans commenting on the Instagram post. With any luck, it will become the official music video for the song. Donatella proving once again that she lives up to the ‘Don’ in her name. READ MORE

From Our Diva Vaults: Diabetes Roundtable podcast Inspired by Gloria Estefan!
Superstar Gloria Estefan inspires September’s Diabetes Roundtable’s one hour whirlwind of wellness hosted by the happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic.

“Gloria’s inspiring us to talk about the discipline and commitment it takes to stay at the top of her game for over thirty years in music or diabetes self-care,” says Max ‘Mr. Divabetic’ Szadek.This seven time Grammy Award winner Gloria Estefan’s music, heritage and films infuse our Hot Topic discussions and Diabetes Numerology Game segments. Special guests include: Best-Selling author, Cherry Adair, Patricia Addie Gentle RN, CDE, ‘The Complete Diabetes Organizer’ co-authors Susan Wiener RD, CDE and Leslie JoselNeva White DNP, CRNP, CDE, Poet Lorraine Brooks, Jeff James, Mama Rose Marie and ‘My Bleeding Finger’ blogger, Tim Brand, who is the father of daughters living with type 1 diabetes. LISTEN NOW

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