Start a ‘SUGAR LIPS’ Log to Help You Manage Your Diabetes

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Start a ‘SUGAR LIPS’ Log to Help You Manage Your Diabetes

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but lipstick runs a close second. Why not incorporate your diabetes self-care into your daily beauty routine?

Don’t let diabetes dim your dazzle!

I truly believe that you have to love yourself enough to want to improve your diabetes health. Since 90% of women feel that wearing lipstick makes them feel better about themselves, why not reward yourself before you check your blood sugars by adding some color to your lips? The little boost of confidence you gain from your favorite shade  can help you to cope with those unexpected readings too.

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If you’ve struggled in the past with adding your diabetes self-care into your daily routine then a SUGAR LIPS log  just might be the answer. Experts agree that linking my new habit with a current behavior make it much easier to change. No need to be motivated. No need to remember.

One good example of this concept is creating a new habit of flossing by always doing it after brushing your teeth. The act of brushing your teeth is something that you already do and that acts as the reminder to do your new behavior. READ MORE

When you stop and think that most women apply their lipstick 4 or more times in one day the resulting SUGAR LIPS log data could prove to extremely beneficial to you and your doctor. If you try it, I bet you will both be smiling! And guess what? A new tube of lipstick is a healthy way to reward yourself for lowering your A1C.

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How to Keep A SUGAR LIPS Log

Write down your blood sugar values after each application of lipstick throughout your day.  Jot down the time of day, your medication, and any changes in food, activity, illness and/or stress related to your blood sugars.  Keep in mind when checking your blood sugar that the important thing is to know how to interpret the numbers and take the necessary action. For example, if you take insulin and your blood sugar is high, you may need to bolus, or take more rapid-acting insulin, to bring your levels down into range. If you manage your Type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise, you might treat high blood sugar with a walk around the block.

Now imagine how good you’ll feel at your next doctor’s visit when you take out your SUGAR LIPS logbook filled with pages of blood sugar readings!

BEAUTY TIP: Extend the life of your lipstick application by setting your lips reports Bustle. Blotting helps press color into the lips, but if you really want your lipstick to stay put, hold a single ply of tissue over your lips, and dust a setting powder on top.

Face Your Diagnosis Like A Diva!

Unlike some other diseases that rely primarily on professional medical treatment, diabetes treatment requires active participation by the person who has it. You have to have ATTITUDE!! Monitoring your blood sugar level on a regular basis and analyzing the results is believed by many to be a crucial part of the treatment equation.

Self-monitoring is an integral part of diabetes management because it puts you in charge. Regardless of how you manage your diabetes — through diet and exercise alone or combined with oral medicines or insulin — regular blood sugar monitoring provides immediate feedback on how your program is working.

“Checking your blood glucose gives you the freedom to make choices without worry, the confidence to learn from your actions, and the motivation to keep striving to do better,” says Linda Dale, RN, BA, CDE, Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Outpatient Diabetes Education Program at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Diabetes Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan as reported by Diabetes Self-Management. “Monitoring tells you that what you’re doing either is working or isn’t, and it serves as motivation to keep up actions that are working or to make changes.” READ MORE 

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DIVABETIC TIP: You should wait to check your blood sugars if you usually reapply your lipstick after eating or drinking. Most of the food you consume will be digested and raises blood glucose in one to two hours. To capture the peak level of your blood glucose, it is best to test one to two hours after you start eating. The American Diabetes Association recommends a target of below 180 mg/dl two hours after a meal.

Do you feel like you self-sabotage your best efforts? Use “But” – According to LIfeHac, when you start to think negative thoughts, you should use the word “but” to interrupt bad thought patterns. “I’m no good at this, but, if I work at it I might get better later.” READ MORE

BEAUTY TIP: Lip liner can be a game-changer for a few reasons reports Bustle. The first is that it keeps lipstick from bleeding outside the lines of your lips. By applying it all over the lips, it can also help make your lipstick last longer by giving it something to stick to. Lastly, if you want to up your lip game, using a liner that is slightly (and I mean slightly) darker than your lipstick can give flattering dimension to the lips.


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