‘I Woke Up This Morning’ by Lorraine Brooks

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‘I Woke Up This Morning’ by Lorraine Brooks

I woke up this morning, as always,

And while walking through my hallway,

I looked in the mirror, reflecting,

And thought, why am I so rejecting?

There’s food in my pantry and clothes on my back

And 2 cars in my garage.

I’ve plenty of colleagues and friends, I don’t lack,

I’m blessed with a fine entourage.

There’s heat in the winter and cool when its hot,

There’s no way I’m doubting the blessings I’ve got.

So what if I need to count calories now,

I still can consume that dessert anyhow.

My kidneys are fine and my eyesight’s okay,

And I can still sleep at the end of the day.

I have a few dollars and I can have fun

And not have to justify to anyone.

I make my decisions and live with my fears

And thankful for 65 wonderful years.

This life here on earth can be tragic enough

Without adding to it irrelevant stuff.

The gift is in living, and doing our best.

And then letting go of all of the rest.

So have a good time and be of good cheer.

And you will enjoy the time you have here.

Positive vibes and a will to stand tall

And living won’t be any trouble at all.

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