Patti Labelle’s New Desserts Cookbook

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Patti Labelle’s New Desserts Cookbook


Our favorite “DIVAbetic” Patti LaBelle is taking her dessert expertise to the next level with a new cookbook. Her fourth cookbook, entitled Desserts LaBelle: Soulful Sweets to Sing About, will be released April 25 and is available for preorder on Amazon now.

The singer, author, and actress, who is living with type 2 diabetes, is known for her  sweet potato pie that became popular after  a review on youtube went viral.

For years Patti LaBelle has been very outspoken about managing diabetes after experiencing a  health scare during an open-air performance in New York City. Toward the end of the show, just after singing “Over the Rainbow,” she collapsed onstage, in front of thousands of fans. She was rushed to the hospital and was revived. An hour later, she was informed she had diabetes—her blood glucose was 600 mg/dL.

“I had no clue that I had diabetes,” LaBelle explained. “I’m one of those black women who just doesn’t go to see doctors. Had I not passed out, I would have never suspected that I had diabetes.”

But, in truth, LaBelle was no stranger to diabetes. She had watched her mother die from diabetes-related complications at the age of 58. So, LaBelle knew that she had to stop everything and take an active role in managing her condition.

While Patti still enjoys feeding friends and family her famous fried chicken and potato salad made with 12 eggs, she’s also learned to adapt her style to suit her needs.

“I’ll make an apple pie the regular way for everyone else, but I’ll also bake one with a sugar substitute for me.”


Her book written with Laura Randolph Lancaster is filled with her favorite recipes for pies, cakes, cookies, and puddings, as well as a chapter on diabetic-friendly recipes, moving personal stories from her career and life.

Patti is also an award-winning author of five books, three of which were New York Times bestsellers. She is the host of Patti LaBelle’s Place on the Cooking Channel, and the creator of Patti’s Sweet Potato Pie. She lives in Philadelphia.


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