Best Mascara for Diabetes #5

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Best Mascara for Diabetes #5


I know that coping with diabetes on a daily basis can not only be more stressful but it can also be more time consuming especially in the morning. It’s not easy to juggle checking your blood sugars, taking meds and logging your numbers in between your shower, blow dry and makeup application while getting dressed. Plus, you need to squeeze in time to coordinate an outfit while mentally planning out your snacks and meals for the day.

I want to help you ‘Makeover Your Diabetes’ by sharing the best products in beauty/fashion, diabetes self-care and exercise to help you “GLAM MORE, FEAR LESS” with less stress this year!

Did you know that people with diabetes are more likely to get bacterial infections, including bacterial pink eye and/or eyelid styes?

Diabetes affects the autoimmune system, lowering one’s resistance to infection. Unfortunately, this infection has to run its course because antibiotics cannot help speed recovery.

Keeping your A1c (marker of blood sugar levels) as low as possible and practicing good hygiene such as washing your hands frequently and avoiding touching or rubbing your eyes can help.

Another great way to avoid eye infections is to invest in hypoallergenic eye makeup. Put simply, a hypoallergenic formula is one that doesn’t include ingredients that are common allergens and is free from fragrance, making it a safe bet for women with diabetes. Most hypoallergenic mascaras will be marked as such on the tube, or bear the label ‘suitable for sensitive eyes.’ Simple. And luckily there are hypoallergenic mascaras out there for sensitive eyes, so you can get long, luscious lashes without the irritation.

Your best bets are natural PH balanced formulas with soothing ingredients, which will care for lashes while lengthening and won’t flake or clump. It’s also worth looking out for ‘tubing’ mascara formulas, which form ‘tubes’ around the lashes. It’s waterproof, but slides off the lashes easily, without any need for over-scrubbing (cutting down the risk of irritation).

One of our best mascara picks for diabetes is Clinique, High Impact Volume Mascara. Although all Clinique mascaras are hypoallergenic, this one is our top pic for women with diabetes. It does everything you need – lengthens, thickens and defines in one stroke. Retail: $20

It’s also worth noting that good make-up hygiene becomes imperative if you suffer from dry, sensitive eyes. Make sure you throw away old make-up (mascara should only be kept for three months maximum) and never try to re-use dried out mascara by adding water.


Pump some fun into your workout a boost!

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“Getting into activewear can launch you into exercise mode because clothing primes the brain to expect the forthcoming activity”, says Karen J. Pine, professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and author of Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion. Click here for  “Workout with Wow” Fashion Show details.


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