‘Don’t Look Back’ by Poet Lorraine Brooks

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‘Don’t Look Back’ by Poet Lorraine Brooks


Another year means a new beginning for all of us. This is a perfect time to dream big and to become a better person than you were before. Divabetic’s  aim is to encourage you to ‘sparkle’ not just survive with diabetes in 2017.  Whether you’re confused about nutritional labels, outraged over health costs, stuck in a fashion rut, discouraged by your food choices and/or at a loss for words, we’re sharing expert advice to empower you to have a ‘New Attitude’ about living well with diabetes.

Poet Lorraine Brooks shares her words of inspiration in her newest poem, ‘Don’t Look Back’:

Another year of life and love

And many things to be proud of.

Surviving all the ups and downs

The strength to smile, instead of frown.

Many people we lost last year,

And still we strive to be of good cheer.

Forward looking, into the sun,

Thankful for things done and undone.

Ever increasing our knowledge and worth

Enjoying all of our time here on earth.

We strive to be honest, courageous, and bold,

Regardless of age, trying not to act “old”.

Accepting the world with its troubles and woes,

And being OK with your friends and your foes.

What have we, then, at the end of the year,

When the clock is ticking, and midnight is near…

When we look into the eyes of our lovers

And look back at everything we’ve discovered

And understand all, of the things we have lost

And celebrate all of the bridges we crossed

And drink a big toast to the ones who passed on

Who we still love and cherish although they are gone

While the seconds are counting down to a few

And we take a deep breath to start anew

And the crystal ball moves down its silvery spike

And we wish for all of the things we would like

When its only 10 seconds left in ’16

And our hearts begin pounding while watching the screen

And there they are playing Auld Lang Syne

And we lift our glasses and toast with some wine…

What we have is stillness deep in our heart

And a new dedication to make a new start

To open new chapters and write a new book

And follow new avenues over the brook

Inventing new attitudes, trying new thoughts

Forgetting all yesterdays and what they have wrought…

Here’s to tomorrow

Cheers to the dawn

New times are coming

Time to move on.

Good lives I wish you

And also for me.

And toasting to everything…



Divabetic wants to inspire you sparkle not just survive with diabetes in 2017. We’re asking our favorite experts in beauty/fashion, food and diabetes self-care to share advice on how to celebrate the holidays without compromising your diabetes health. Chef Ward Alper, The Decadent Diabetic share his healthy and delicious recipes for the perfect Divabetic New Year’s Day Brunch to help you kick off a New Year with a New Attitude! READ: http://divabetic.org/2016/12/29/the-perfect-bubbles-buffet-blouse-for-a-divabetic-new-years-day-brunch/


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