Jealous Sister Poem Inspires Diabetes Mystery Podcast

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Jealous Sister Poem Inspires Diabetes Mystery Podcast


‘The Ballad of the Jealous Sister’ poem by Maude E. Shenk inspires this year’s Diabetes Mystery Podcast: Suspect Boulevard which premiered in September 2016. You can hear it for free on demand at i-Tunes, and/or blog talk radio.

The Ballad of the Jealous Sister

Oh once an old woman

Lived by the seashore
Two daughters fair had she.
The younger one a lover had,
So brave and bold was he.

Young Bradford gave his love a ring
With shining stone and gold,
So they sat side by side one eve
And softly sweet words told.

The older sister jealous grew
Because she had no beau,
And so one evening on the lake
She planned revenge to know.

She threw her sister from the boat
Into the water blue,
And there she stood and laughed and laughed
And still no pity knew.

A tall old man was walking near
And chanced the girl to see.
Cried she, ‘I’ll give you much fine gold
If you but rescue me.’

He pulled her out and took her ring,
Then threw her in the lake;
Though loud her cries for succor rang,
He did no pity take.

Young Bradford walking by the shore
His true love chanced to see,
So plunging in, he rescued her
So brave and bold was he.

The tall old man still seemed to hear
The piercing cries for aid,
And wished he had the good deed done
For which he had been paid.

The older sister, mad with hate
Did wildly moan and rave.
That he should dare to thwart her there
And her young sister save.

But then the lovers lived and loved
For many and many a year,
But ne’er forgot the awful act
Caused by a jealous fear.

Two of the mystery’s main characters (TV actress Marlena Melbourne and Best-Selling Author Marjorie Melbourne Blaze) are ‘jealous sisters’ and loosely based on Jackie and Joan Collins. The famous real-life Collins sisters spent decades navigating the bright lights of Hollywood and fame together. Did it take a toll on their relationship?

Joan Collins told the Daily Mail that their relationship at one point had been ‘estranged’ – but quickly changed her choice of words and said they had simply not been as close.

She put their distance down to her relationship with a man who Jackie had ‘loathed’.

I imagine there was some sibling rivalry between the sisters after Joan Collins began her literary career. According to Peter Goldenthal, Ph.D., author of ”Why Can’t We Get Along: Healing Adult Sibling Relationships”, sibling rivalry continues to rear its head well into adulthood and even into old age. Dr. Goldenthal notes ‘don’t give up; you might be able to put your relationship with your sister on a grown-up track.’

In addition to sibling rivalry our murder mystery focuses on the link between diabetes and dementia and diabetes alert dogs. I spent many hours spent researching and consulting with Susan Weiner RD, MS, CDE, CDN, Patricia Addie-Gentle, dog expert, Debby Kay, andMark Dagostino, author of “Elle & Me:The Fight for My Daughter’s Life and the Dog that Changed Everything”. If you are considering adding a diabetes alert dog to your healthcare entourage I encourage you to do plenty of research.


LISTEN NOW: Divabetic’s 3rd Annual Diabetes Mystery podcast entitled, “Suspect Boulevard“. Our madcap adventure involves dogs, divas, dementia, diamonds and diabetes. Cast members are: Poet Lorraine Brooks, Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE, ‘We Are Diabetes’ organization founder, Asha Brown, Catherine Schuller AICI, CIP, Susan Weiner MS, RD, CDE, CDN, Chef Robert Lewis and Mama Rose Marie.

Throughout the podcast we will spotlight the wonderful music by the National Philaharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Charles Gerhardt courtesy of SONY MUSIC.

The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic hopes to inspire you to become a Diabetes Detective will this third installment of Diabetes Mystery Theater podcast.


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