Diva Sunscreen Tips from Connie Elder

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Diva Sunscreen Tips from Connie Elder


On our Diabetes Late Nite podcast I discussed the importance of sunscreen for divas of all types with PEAK 10 SKIN™ skin care founder, Connie Elder.

Here are Connie’s Sunscreen Tips:

Be aware and use sunscreen YEAR ROUND, not just on vacation and during the summer! Protect yourself all year, all the time!

Use sunscreen on the back of your hands when driving long distances, especially. If you drive 1/2 hour or more per day to work the sun is constantly beaming through the windshield on your hands. Protect them with a sunscreen spray that is easy to use.

While driving your neck, hands and left side of your face is exposed to sun more than you realize. Use a sunscreen spray on your neck and hands. Use a tinted moisturizer or face powder with sunscreen to protect your face, while driving.

Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen when enjoying lunch, dinner or drinks on outdoor patios. Also, on the beach, boat and at the ballpark with your kids! Or, while you are walking, hiking or sightseeing outside!

During our podcast, Connie shared her tips for achieving a healthy glow without damaging your ski and gave away PEAK 10 SKIN™ products to several lucky listeners. Enjoy 30% Off PEAK 10 SKIN™ products by using our coupon code: divabetic (all lowercase and together) at PEAK 10 SKIN


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LISTEN NOW: Diabetes Late Nite hosted by Mr. Divabetic with guests Dr. Andrea Chisholm MD, OBYGN, PEAK 10 SKIN™ skin care founder, Connie Elder and We Are Diabetes founder, Asha Brown.




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