It’s Complicated by Poet Lorraine Brooks

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It’s Complicated by Poet Lorraine Brooks


Last night we celebrated our 6th Anniversary of podcasting on Diabetes Late Nite with musical inspiration from P.M. Dawn. The group’s frontman, Prince Be lived with diabetes for more than two decades and developed various health problems over the years. He suffered multiple strokes, amputation and renal kidney disease during his short life.

Poet Lorraine Brooks shares her perspective on living with diabetes health-related complications in her newest poem, It’s Complicated written specifically for Diabetes Late Nite.

It’s Complicated by Lorraine Brooks

So many things can go wrong with our parts…

It’s scary to think of, I know.

The thought of a failure, infection or worse…

Of losing a foot, or a toe.

It can affect us in so many ways

And sometimes it’s not always plain.

Sometimes it sneaks up, disguised and alone

Sometimes there’s even no pain.

Some people suffer more than the rest

And have issues others don’t have to deal with.

But make no mistake in seeing the truth

It’s a disease we had better get real with.

Luther, and Patti…and, and Hanks and Prince Be

George Michael, Vaughn, Halle, and Quest

This disease has no boundaries, and doesn’t ask who…

And bad things can happen, in spite of our best.

Open the dialog, talk to your friends

Talk to yourself, and the people who mind you

And let your struggles and feelings be heard

And empathetic ears will invariably find you.


LISTEN NOW: 6th Year Anniversary Divabetic podcast featuring Poet Lorraine Brooks, Lynette Luckers from the Marion Luckers Kidney Foundation, Chef Robert Lewis aka ‘The Happy Diabetic’, Janis Roszler MS, RD, LD/N, CDE, FAND, Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE, Luther Vandross historian Leon Petrossian and Mama Rose Marie. Hosted by Mr. Divabetic.


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