Buttons By Poet Lorraine Brooks

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Buttons By Poet Lorraine Brooks


The body positive movement has swept through social media. Accepting your body in a positive way is the message of the movement.

The movement appears to be doing a great job at encouraging people of all shapes, sizes, and colors to love their body. This appealing sentiment can be found all over social media, in particular on Twitter. On Twitter it is common to find celebrities standing up for those that aren’t shaped like supermodels by showing their own bodies as examples of what the “average” women really looks like.

Poet Lorraine Brooks shares her insights about body image in her poem, “Buttons”, written specifically for our free monthly podcast, Diabetes Late Nite.

BUTTONS by Lorraine Brooks

I’ve never had buttons

On top of my jeans

I’ve only been able

To wear size of “queens”.

Elastic has often been

Something I needed

In clothing that made me feel

Somewhat defeated.

I longed for the feeling

Of putting on pants

Not worrying if people

Looked at me


No more stretch fabric

And no more a “plus”,

And seeing my booty

As big as a bus.

I’m tucking my shirt in,

I’m wearing no sleeves,

My body is freedom

My body believes.

The old grey sweatshirt

That I used to dread

I’m wearing a cardigan sweater


I know that this “victory”

Might not seem much

And that I am not “perfect” or

Gorgeous and such.

But trust me and listen

When I have to say

I buttoned my jeans today…

Hip, hip hooray!


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