D-Story: Alexis

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D-Story: Alexis

Buy, Borrow or Burn!

Buy, Borrow or Burn!

Tonight, The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic presents a diva style approach to diabetes empowerment on this podcast for fashion lovers on his Buy, Borrow or Burn! Fashion Review podcast at 6 – 6:45 PM, EST on #blogtalkradio

Meet Alexis, our first Buy, Borrow or Buy contestant who is living with type 1 diabetes.
Alexis’ Diagnosis to DIVA Story: I had never really taken proper care of my diabetes until I became pregnant in 2006. It was a real wake up call. My daughter was born at 24 weeks and we both almost died. I have had 9 eye surgeries due to retinopathy and cataracts. I have lost the peripheral vision in my left eye from glaucoma. My kidneys are damaged as well because of my poor diabetes management. It is a daily struggle to keep everything under control, but my beautiful, smart and sassy 7 year old daughter keeps me motivated.

Biggest issue: I don’t check my blood sugar as I should. I am so easily distracted and constantly forget to check. I now have alarms set to remind me. My daughter also reminds me to check.

Healthcare Entourage: My daughter, Jolie is my motivation. She counts carbs with me and reminds me to take my meds on time. I just switched hospitals. I’m starting with Jacobi Medical Center now. I’ve only been there twice, but the staff in the Endocrine Clinic is really nice and supportive.

Favorite Diabetes Equipment: I miss my Medtronic Insulin Pump (it broke a few months after the warranty was up and my insurance won’t pay for a new one). I use the Humalog Pen…it’s simple, quick, discreet & painless.

Sense of style: I am simple and sensible. I dress for comfort because I work with kids.

I look best in: Flirty sun dresses and wedge sandals.
Famous Fashion Icon I Identify with: I say Marilyn Monroe; classy & sexy

Buy, Borrow or Buy‘s guests include: Divabetic Image & Style Advisor Catherine Schuller AICI, CIP, Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE, Kendra Charisse Porter body expert, style architect and founder of Honor You ( image consulting agency), Dalia Strum, consumer and business strategic digital media expert and fashion-related social shopping consultant and special guest, Alexis living with type 1 diabetes from New York City.

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