D-Story: Andrea

Wellness with a Wow

D-Story: Andrea

DivabeticThe happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic hosts June’s Diabetes Roundtable featuring divine inspiration from Reverend Run, a practicing minister, motivational speaker, family patriarch and revered founding father of hip-hop as a member of Run-D.M.C.

Rev. Run’s words of wisdom guide this 30 minute whirlwind of wellness in observance of Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day 2012. Mr. Divabetic kicks off the show with a hot topics discussion on prostate cancer and diabetes, a Food Aisle Face-off between almond milk and soy milk, a review of healthy dining choices at Dave and Buster’s and a Father Your Diabetes commentary.

Diva TalkRadio Guests include Judi Wilcox, RD, CDE of Hollywood, FL, MaryAnn Nicolay, BA, DTR of Cleveland, OH, Neva White, MSN, CRNP, CDE of Philadelphia, PA, Kiauna Hunt, celebrity makeup artist and owner of Diva Status (Washington, DC), Catherine Schuller, image and style expert (New York, NY), and Stan the Announcer Man. The program’s special guest, Andrea W., checks in from Brooklyn, NY to share her From Pre-diabetes Diagnosis to Diva story, “what keeps me going (and gets me back on the right path when I fall is the fact that my father died of diabetes years ago – and I don’t want to end up dead – I AM A DIVA!”

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